Kevin Greenlee

Sound Designer 

My name is Kevin Greenlee. I am a Video Game Composer and Sound Designer.

My goals are to create outstanding, unique, and memorable music and audio for video games. I'm open to new opportunities!

If you're interested in my work or have any questions, feel free to contact me.




Sound Design
Creating, editing, processing sound effects. From foley to modulating synthetic sounds.

Sound Implementation
Unity and Unreal audio tools/Wwise/FMod. Dialogue, adaptive music, location based atmospheres/ambiences, sound states, triggers, etc.

In-game music, adaptive music, ambiance, cutscenes, trailers, and stingers.

Sound Hardware
Instrumental Recording, Live PA Consoles/Systems, and Foley Recording.

Software Experience
FLStudio, Cubase, Audition, RX8, Wwise, FMOD, JIRA, Unity, GIT, and AGILE Development.

Wwise Certification 101, 201, 251 - Fundamentals, Adaptive Music, and Optimization

Additional Software Skills: Photoshop, Premiere, Microsoft Office Suite, VEGAS Pro, and HTML5/CSS/JS.



Freelance Composer, and Sound Designer

Worked on over 16 games of different genres. Complete soundtracks, realistic reloading sounds, electrical explosions, melting ice, large moving mechanical objects, item pickups, musical stingers, and technical sound design. Every project consisted of myself writing an audio design document with references, key words, mood boards/art, literature, music/atmospheres and explanations. Projects have been released on Steam, Playstation, Switch, and Mobile.


Audio Engineer

Instinct Games
Creating unique sound effects and implementing them into the engine including creating sound cues and mixing. Responsibilities and description will be updated as project continues.


Composer / Sound Design / Audio Lead

Code}{atch Corp., Edmonton, AB Canada
Responsible for creating/composing/producing 3 complete soundtracks and over 2000+ unique sound effects completed within schedule constraints. Implementing sound effects into the game engines library and assigning them accordingly in Unity. Sounds ranged from footsteps, gunshots, material impacts, level-ups, atmospheres, etc. During the transition between large tasks, I was responsible for Quality Assurance testing of the project/game for bugs, glitches, crashes, errors and overall audio quality assessment.


Voluntary Live Sound Technician

Responsible for monitoring audio levels, queuing sounds/music and setting up equipment for live events ranging from church productions to live shows and bands. Experience with mixers, amplifiers, compressors, and other audio hardware.



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